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Owen Barlow

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Owen has equally experienced and supported client's going through discrimination and harassment based on gender expression and sexual orientation, both within and outside the LGBTQ+ community. 

Owen has lived through and recovered from adolescent anxiety and depression in response to identity-related traumas, sometimes within the context of their career as a Targeted Youth Worker in Priority Neighbourhoods. As a fully qualified Cognitive Behavioural / Evidence Based Psychological Therapies Practitioner within the Southwest Psychological Professions Network and Fighting Fear Community Owen used targeted and focussed interventions to reduce symptoms arising from common mental health problems like anxiety, work related stress, OCD, parenting difficulties, and depression, particularly for survivors of hate incidents. 

Owen has experienced and worked with clients in both monogamous and non-monogamous relationships which have presented an array of distinct challenges and joys. They have also had to navigate family and friend relationships that failed to fully understand or accept non-traditional identity and relationship structures.

As an LGBTQ+ affirmative CBT Practitioner with lived experience, Owen shows a deep understanding of contextual challenges LGBTQ+/Neurodivergent individuals face, particularly those who have experienced stressors from discrimination, prejudice, and/or violence. Owen's passion about helping clients work through the effects of internalised homophobia and/or transphobia from an unjust society comes naturally. Through an initial assessment, Owen is open to constructive conversation with prospective clients about how CBT/Evidence Based interventions can be used to address the problem/s impacting their well-being, self-identity, and relationships.

7 years' experience in frontline youth and family mental health and community services, Owen shows extensive experience running Wellbeing Workshops and therapeutic mentoring sessions based on Compassion Focussed therapy and third wave CBT counselling techniques such as Rumination Focussed Therapy alongside Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, particularly for LGBTQ+ and migrant communities. Owen has successfully collaborated with Off The Record, the Diversity Trust, and Mermaids to develop intersectional and anti-oppressive therapeutic practice. Owen strives to create a safe and inclusive space for all their clients and is committed to evidenced based clinical education and training in LGBTQ+ focussed therapy and ADHD/Neurodiversity coaching to develop clients' self-understanding to ensure person centred care excellence. For Owen, therapy is responsive to client's evolving needs and circumstances to meet people where they are at in the 'here and now'.

Owen is a Qualified Therapist and their fee is £32 for online sessions.

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