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In the slideshow below you may find some of the issues that people who have sought counselling services at Affordable Talk may have experienced, along with some details around these issues and counselling.


Do you suffer from Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, General Worry, Social Anxiety, Nervousness, Performance Anxiety, Shyness, Sexual anxiety, Generalised Anxiety? Counselling for Anxiety at Affordable Talk:

Your counsellor at Affordable Talk will help you to explore the causes of your anxiety and work with you on ways of managing the anxiety.  It is often important to understand what you are doing which results in maintaining high levels of stress and anxiety.  Your counsellor will help you to develop stress-reduction techniques and help you to promote healthier patterns of living.

What are the Benefits of Anxiety Counselling?

  • Opportunity to explore the underlying causes of your stress and anxiety.

  • Examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to your high stress levels.

  • Gain self-understanding and insight and learn to identify your triggers.

  • Develop coping strategies to help you manage stressful situations.

  • Learn techniques that can be effective for the rest of your life.

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