Solana Murray

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Hi! My name is Solana, and I am a final year Psychotherapeutic counselling student. Psychotherapeutic is just a big word for – ‘Listening, Understanding, Helping and Working Together’. With a pluralistic approach, that being; humanistic, psychodynamic and CBT, we will find what suits you best!  

A little about me- I am from an island in the Caribbean, and I have moved and lived in Wales for 4 years now. I carry my home’s warmth with me, and through adaptation of a new life I have strengthened my understanding of the uniqueness of people. Both bettering me as a counsellor. 

Sessions will be all for you. I will remain attentive in what makes you feel most comfortable and heard. We will create an open space that is both honest and empathetic.  

My goal is to help you understand your feelings, and find tools to supplement your progression to be the you that you want to be 

Solana's fee is £10 per session. Available face to face (Cardiff Bay) or online.