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Yasmin is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist).


As an Integrative Counsellor Yasmin draws on elements of different perspectives and provides a unique therapy which can be adapted to suit a client's needs. Yasmin in particular uses the insights and techniques of Humanistic Counselling and Psychodynamic Therapy which may give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and work towards a new and happier sense of self. Yasmin believes that these approaches build a strong foundation for the therapeutic relationship to grow in a safe and supporting environment. 


Yasmin has experience of working with:

Domestic abuse  Anxiety  Loss and Bereavement  Depression  • Health related issues  Identity problems  Obsessions  Personal development  Post-traumatic stress  Relationship issues  Self Esteem  Sexual and gender identity  Eating Disorders  Self-Harm   Race & Culture • Homelessness  Family Dynamics  Issues surrounding disabilities 

Yasmin has experience of supporting Children and Young people having volunteered as a School Counsellor and a Volunteer Counsellor at a Children and Young People’s Charity. 



Rachel is a qualified counsellor, with an MSc in Person-centred Psychotherapy. She is accredited by UKCP and a Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.


Rachel has worked with individuals across varied settings, including non-profit counselling organisations and University Counselling Services. She has provided counselling contracts for The Family Intervention Project, Women’s Aid and NHS Employee Assistance Programs and has also worked with anxiety management and mental health service-user experience groups at Mind.


Her clinical experience has allowed her to support individuals with the following concerns:

• Depression • Anxiety • Responses to trauma  Domestic violence  Sexual abuse and assault  Self-harming  Anger  Loss and Bereavement • Relationship issues  Low self-esteem  Workplace stress • Bullying 

Rachel’s approach is primarily person-centred and she provides an empathic, non-judgmental place in which the client can explore their thoughts and feelings and gain increased clarity and understanding of their difficulties. Working collaboratively with each person, finding the solutions and choices which are right for them, is integral to Rachel’s approach. She believes counselling can help further develop inner resources, allowing the individual to live life more fully, which can be of value far beyond the counselling experience.


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Zofia is a qualified Integrative Counsellor having completed an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Counselling at The Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. (BACP).

As an Integrative Counsellor Zofia draws from approaches depending on what an individual needs. The most common approaches that she draws upon are person centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Gestalt. Zofia is also able to work creatively and she has found that for some individuals, reconnecting with their creativity can be useful on their therapeutic journey.

Zofia has experience of supporting people with the following concerns:

Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Relationship and Family Issues, Low Self Esteem, Confidence Issues, Stress, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Trauma.

Zofia believes strongly in the potential of people and works alongside her clients to create a safe, supported environment where this potential can have room to grow.


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Debbie is a qualified Counsellor having completed a Diploma in Counselling and a Foundation Degree in Counselling through Bath Spa University at UCW (University Centre Weston). She also holds a Depression Counsellor Diploma.  She is a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


Her main approach is person-centred therapy, although she may integrate other therapeutic approaches into the therapy. Debbie believes that we are all unique and have the potential to change.


Debbie has experience of supporting people with the following:
Anxiety – Depression – Grief and Loss - Low Self-Esteem – OCD – Panic Attacks – Stress – Suicidal Thoughts – Bipolar – Schizophrenia – Alzheimer’s

Debbie can offer you a safe place with empathy in a non-judgemental environment. She is able to support you in developing a belief in your ability to cope and have a better understanding of self through the therapeutic process



Pablo is a qualified Integrative Counsellor having completed a Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling through the City of Bristol College. He also holds a MA in Psychology from Pace University, New York. Pablo is a member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP).

Pablo combines different therapeutic approaches depending on the needs of the person. This might include: Person-Centred Therapy, Solution-Focused, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Inner Child Therapy and Internal Family Systems.

Pablo has many years of experience helping adults with mental health issues and people with learning difficulties. He has also provided counselling to teenagers in a secondary school and has experience of providing online counselling.

Pablo has supported people with:
Depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addictions, low self-esteem, trauma and spiritual concerns.


Pablo understands counselling as the time and space we need to make sense of our experiences, to express ourselves, to explore what configures our identity, to clarify stressors and to update our goals and coping strategies.

Pablo offers counselling in English and Spanish.


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Natasha is a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist having completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling at the University of South Wales. She has a BSc Hons in Psychology and Counselling and is in the process of completing her MA in Integrative Counselling. Natasha is a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).


Natasha incorporates Person-Centred, Humanistic, Relational Psychodynamics, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Gestalt approaches in her work. She is also able to work creatively.


Natasha specialises in supporting individuals with a cancer diagnosis, their families and those who have been bereaved. 


Natasha is able to support individuals with the following concerns:


Sexual abuse, Rape, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Anger issues, Domestic violence

Physical and emotional abuse, Adultery/divorce/marital issues, Relationship/family issues, Stress, Work related issues, Victims of crime, Attachment issues, Suicide/Suicidal thoughts, Self-harm, Class/social status, Self-esteem/worth/confidence issues, Long term illness, Bereavement, grief and loss, Disability, Cancer, Substance misuse/abuse, Agoraphobia, Disassociation, Childhood trauma, Sexual health, Sexuality, Sexual intimacy issues, Gender identity, Infertility/pregnancy issues and Eating disorders.


Natasha is flexible and adaptable, as well as empathetic, understanding, open-minded, non-judgemental and honest.


Natasha aims to provide people with a gentle, warm, friendly and relaxed environment, where they can feel safe to talk, open up and be vulnerable. Natasha aims to walk alongside people in their journey of exploration, self-discovery, self-reflection and change. Natasha wants to help people find understanding, acceptance and equip them with the tools they need to make positive changes that will enhance their wellbeing, build self-esteem and a way to love themselves for exactly who they are as a person. She values people’s independence, their personalities and their differences and strives to promote these.


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Clare is a qualified Integrative Counsellor with an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling from Ironmill College. She is a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). 


Clare's approach to counselling is person-centred and integrative: she works to build a relationship of trust and respect, exploring difficulties and concerns and looking at how the people she supports want to move forward.  She also brings in an existential commitment by looking at what matters to the people that she supports.


Clare has experience of working with the following: relationship and family issues, attachment, sense of identity, body-image and self-worth, bullying, trauma, anxiety, depression, anger management, bereavement, change and loss. She works to support people in developing tools for wellbeing, and in accessing their creative resources and resilience.


Clare has some fifteen years experience of supporting people in sharing their stories through her previous work in senior communications roles for health charities. She also facilitates creative 'Writing for Wellbeing' groups.


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Budge is a fully qualified Integrative humanistic counsellor, a member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) a qualified social worker, teacher and educator, he has extensive experience of working with a wide range of clients, specialising in post 16 adolescents/adults.   

As an integrative therapist Budge utilises a variety of approaches within a humanistic framework, predominantly drawing from Person Centred Therapy, (CFT) Compassion Focussed Therapy, Gestalt, and Existential therapy

“As a therapist I am extremely passionate about what I do, I believe feeling listened to and accepted are hugely powerful factors when it comes to emotional wellbeing, and by providing a respectful, welcoming, non-judgemental, safe confidential space, I believe  you can begin to explore and obtain insights into the problems ,feelings and issues that are causing difficulties in your life.”

Central to my therapeutic work is the concept of “therapy as a two-way process of relationship, with you, the client playing the central role, therefore throughout our work together my aim is to support you side by side through this experiential process.                   


As a counsellor I have been privileged to provide positive and lasting outcomes for a diverse spectrum of client needs including:

Childhood related issues, Trauma, PTSD, Attachment disorder issues, Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Dissociative disorders, Bereavement, Grief, Loss, Identity, Gender Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Depression, Suicide, Relationships, Bullying, Separation, BPD, Loss of meaning, Vulnerability, Life transitions.

As we progress through our work I hope to offer a reflective opportunity to increase your sense of self, gain better understanding of where you have been, where you are now and where you may go, so you can continue to move forward and live your life with fulfilment.


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Karen is a qualified Counsellor with a B.A (Hons) in Humanistic Counselling from the University of Nottingham. She is accredited with the National Counselling Society (NCS). 


Karen has experience of setting up and running a counselling service in a college sixth form. She has completed an applied suicide assist programme and mental health first aid training. 


Her approach is person centred, which is non-judgemental and offers a space to explore whatever brings you to counselling in a safe place. This space is for you to talk and be truly listened too. Karen does not give advice but ‘walks’ alongside the you during the counselling experience. 


Karen has experience of supporting people with: 


Depression, anxiety , self-harm, grief and loss, attachment, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, eating disorders, stress, long term illnesses, anger, expressing emotions, low mood, job loss, identity and transitions.